The Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center Board of Education has provided the first approval needed for a major expansion of the Barbasol shaving cream plant in Ashland.  The board voted unanimously at its regular meeting Thursday (June 15) to waive a 45-day waiting period and approve a request for an enterprise zone tax abatement from Perio, Inc. and...

  • Looking at lists of hard-to-fill positions, engineers of all kinds always seem to be at the top though engineering also tops lists of best paid professions. Yet, unfortunately, not many students are studying to enter the engineering field. Says ACWHCC...

  • If you haven’t already registered for the Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) Day Camp,  July 18 -20 at Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center, 1783 State Route 60, Ashland, there are still a few openings available for students going into 7th &  8th grades.  Seventh graders will enjoy a fun approach to science and engineering with activities such as building water bottle rockets, constructing mousetrap cars, the "flaming Cheetos" lab, and more.  Eighth graders will spend three days in the world of VEX robotics led by robotics specialists.  Cost: $25 for the 7th grade camp; $40 for the 8th grade VEX robotics camp.  (Eighth graders not signed up for robotics can participate in the STEM camp.)  Call 419-289-3313 now for...

  • Seniors in the Graphic Communications program recently traveled to Mansfield to tour the iconic old Mansfield Reformatory. The guided photography field trip allowed the students to learn many interesting facts about the prison’s history while enjoying the opportunity of photographing the inside and outside of the facility. Following the tour, they visited shops and diners in the Carrousel district of downtown Mansfield.

  • Ten juniors in the Manufacturing Technology program (at the left) display the welding certificates they earned during the just-ended school year.  These certifications will put them in good position to get quality jobs when they graduate.  At the right are two juniors who have received their CNC operator/programmer certificates.  Computer Numerical Control (CNC) skills are in demand in today's industry.  

  • Phlebotomy students attain National Honor Society award.

  • Graduating seniors, like these who have completed the Sports Science program, lined the halls of ACWHCC for the last time on Thursday morning.  Students were grouped by career-technical program as they prepared to march into the Commons for the Senior Farewell Assembly.  Photos of other program graduates can be found on the respective program pages.  Congrats to all!

  • In response to student interest, the ACWHCC choir was formed during the 2015-2016 school year and is still going strong.  The group sang the National Anthem and provided two special musical numbers for the 2017 Senior Farewell Assembly.  Directing the choir is Student/Community liaison Deb Gilson.

  • One hundred twenty-six seniors received their Career Technical Portfolios yesterday and will soon graduate from their home schools.  Those who have completed the necessary requirements leave with job-ready professional certifications and articulated college credits.  Fourteen seniors received North Central State College Tuition Freedom scholarships to the tune of over $127,000 while other local scholarships awarded totaled over $3,000.  An Engineering and Design Technology student was named Student of the Year.  Special music was provided by the  ACWHCC choir.  

  • The Adult Education Department handed out special awards at the 2017 Adult Recognition Ceremony.  Jeff Jones, instructor in Maintenance Training and Diversified Industrial Trainer, recieved the Adult Educator of the Year Award whild Vicki Loucks, Financial Aid Officer, received the Adult Education Support Person of the Year Award.  Congratulations to both for their outstanding work!  

  • Eighty-eight adult students embarked on new pathways last night as they completed Adult Education programs ranging from Adult Basic Literacy Education (ABLE) to Welding Technology.  Friends, family, and local dignitaries gathered to see and cheer the students who received their Certificates of Completion and special recognitions and awards.  Several instructors singled out students who have already secured jobs in their field of expertise, providing evidence of the value of training/re-training.  Congrats to all!

  •    Voters in most of Ashland County and half of Holmes County will see at least one school issue on the November ballot.  The Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center Board of Education voted at its regular meeting Thursday, May 18 to approve the second of two required resolutions asking the board of elections to place a one-half mill operating levy renewal on the fall ballot.

                The levy was first passed in 1986 and was last approved in November 2012 as a five-year issue that raises 459,400 annually to pay for building maintenance and renovation and the purchase of new equipment that will last at least five years.  The fall ballot proposal would renew the levy as a continuing issue.

                School officials recommended that the board ask for the levy to be...

  • Congratulations to Andrew Hawk for receiving the Malco Award!  Malco Products, Inc. presents 

    "Head of the Class", recognition for Outstanding Achievement in an HAVACR Program of Study.

    Andrew is currently enrolled in the ACWHCC Adult Education HVAC program and will complete

    his studies the last week of June.  

  • Adult Education Director, Melisa Carr spoke at the Holmes County Leadership class of 2017, which is the largest class in their

    16 year history.  The graduation ceremony was held in conjunction with the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting at 

    The Gardens at Homestead in Mt. Hope.  Leadership Holmes meets monthly from September to May.  These monthly meetings consist of 

    a leadership study, discussion of and learning about current world and local leaders, visits to Holmes County businesses, and lunches

    at a different business each month.  This program provides a wonderul oppotunity to get to know people from the Holmes County area, as well

    as learning more about the businesses and business leaders in the county.


  • Students serving on the Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee were treated to ice cream sundaes at their final meeting of the 2016-2017 school year.  Plans for reviving the ACWHCC Alumni Association were announced by one senior who will be working on the project with advisor Deb Gilson. Committee members relayed their summer plans and the committee said good-bye to six graduating seniors.  Supt Parry thanked them all for their commitment and service and invited them to stop in his office over the summer.  

  • Two ACWHCC high school staff members were recognized during the 2017 Awards and Recognition Night.  Math teacher Jaime Unklesby was honored as Secondary Educator of the Year while Early Childhood Education Aide Melisa Swainhart was named Support Staff Person of the Year.  Congratulations to both of these fine educators.  

  • The 2017 Awards and Recognition night honored dozens of high school students for achievements during the 2016-2017 school year.  Awards went to seven Outstanding Career Technical Achievers from four programs, Sports Science, Culinary Careers Management, Criminal Justice, and Cosmetology.  Special awards also went to outstanding students in Graphic Communications and Engineering Technology and Design. The Interact Student Leadership officers and board members were recognized, along with fourteen junior and senior Students of the Month.  Also recognized were students who achieved perfect attendance for one and two years and fifty students who made honor roll status for three grading periods.   

  • Seven ACWHCC students were inducted into ACWHCC's chapter of the National Technical Honor Society at the 2017 Awards and Recognition night.  They joined one returning Honor Society member who will graduate from the Sports Science program.  Taking the honor society pledge were four juniors and three seniors coming from a variety of programs - two from Cosmetology, one from Criminal Justice, one from Engineering, one from Graphic Communications, and two from Health Technologies.  Congratulations to these outstanding scholars!

  • Students in Julie Subler’s Environmental Science class at Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center (ACWHCC) have spent the last three weeks learning about recycling and working on recycling-related projects.  Subler gave her students the choice of three projects:  start recycling at home and provide evidence of what they had done; develop a public service announcement educating people on the economic and environmental value of recycling; or “upcycle” by using recycled materials to create a product that is more valuable than the parts used to create it.  A number of students chose the latter option and for two days the school’s Commons area displayed their creative projects that ranged from lawn ornaments to working lamps.  Several of the projects were offered for purchase and were sold...

  • Students from Construction Tech and Criminal Justice teamed up this week to clean up the flower beds around the ACWHCC building just in time for Adult Education's graduation next Wednesday evening and the high school Senior Assembly next Thursday morning.  Thanks to both programs for their attention to the building's appearance.  Photo taken by Criminal Justice instructor Josh Welsh shows the work being done from a bird's-eye perspective.  

  • Sixteen preschoolers said goodbye to ACWHCC's Early Childhood Education program on May 4th in front of family and friends. Superintendent Mike Parry gave the commencement address and thanked parents for allowing their children to attend the preschool program.  They are now ready for kindergarten! 

  •  The North Central Workforce Alliance (NCWA) brought together over eighty local business and industry employers, students in career-technical schools, and education personnel for a morning Spring Business Summit on May 4th at the Shisler Conference Center in Wooster.  Matt Miller from ODOT District 3, who serves as treasurer of the organization, acted as emcee for the gathering. 

    NCWA president Dan Moore of Simonson Construction gave a brief message while a short video showcased testimonials from NCWA members who have found the organization to be helpful in confronting workforce challenges .   

    Miller noted that the concerns of business and industry drive NCWA’s agenda and urged attendees to take part in the morning’s panel discussions.  NCWA members led...

  • The North Central Workforce Alliance (NCWA) brought together over eighty local business and industry employers, students in career-technical schools, and education personnel for a morning Spring Business Summit on May 4th at the Shisler Conference Center in Wooster.  Matt Miller from ODOT District 3, who serves as treasurer of the organization, acted as emcee for the gathering. 

    NCWA president Dan Moore of Simonson Construction gave a brief message while a short video showcased testimonials from NCWA members who have found the organization to be helpful in confronting workforce challenges .   

    Miller noted that the concerns of business and industry drive NCWA’s agenda and urged attendees to take part in the morning’s panel discussions.  NCWA members led...

  • ACWHCC's 2017 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) camp will soon be here.  The three day camp will be offered from 9 AM - 3 PM, July 18 - 20 on the ACWHCC campus.  Applications are being taken until June 1st from students going into...

  • Spring means students in the Graphic Communications program put their fundraising skills to work to raise money for their projects and contests.  This year GRA students sold tickets to a "pie" throwing contest in the Commons with two teachers and two administrators as the targets.  Business was brisk as ticket-holding students tossed pies at Sports Science instructor Tim Kernan, Graphic Communications instructor Barry Sponsler, Assistant Principal John Davis, and Superintendent Mike Parry.  The "Pie Police" and "Pie Security" kept order and a fun time was had by all.  ...

  • Students in the Building Trades program at West Holmes High School are putting the finishing touches on their house that has been in construction for the last two school years.  The house will be open for public inspection from 9AM - 3PM and 5 - 7 PM on Tuesday May 9th and the same hours again on Thursday May 11th.  These two open houses will offer ample opportunity for anyone in the market for a new home to tour a quality, state-inspected 1.5 story house that has been beautifully staged by The Modern Farmhouse in downtown Millersburg .   The house will be at public auction at 10 AM, Saturday, May 20th on the school grounds.  For more photos of the house, go to High School Programs/Building Trades/Photos. 

  • ACWHCC opened its doors last night for "Dinner With The Teacher" inviting next fall's new students and their parents/guardians to have dinner with their prospective program teachers.  One academic teacher joined each program in greeting the guests.  Each teacher gave a brief overview of their program and what students will be doing next fall.   

  •             The Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center Board of Education has taken the first of two steps needed to put a permanent improvement levy renewal on the November Ballot.  The board voted at its regular meeting Thursday(April 20) to pass a resolution of intent, asking the county auditor to certify the amount of money that would be generated by the one-half mill issue.

                The levy was first passed in 1986 and was last approved in November 2012 as a five-year issue that raises $459,000 annually to pay for maintenance to the school building and equipment, building renovation projects and new equipment purchases.  The proposal for the fall ballot would renew the levy as a continuing issue.

  •             The Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center Board of Education has taken the first of two steps needed to put a permanent improvement levy renewal on the November Ballot.  The board voted at its regular meeting Thursday(April 20) to pass a resolution of intent, asking the county auditor to certify the amount of money that would be generated by the one-half mill issue.

                The levy was first passed in 1986 and was last approved in November 2012 as a five-year issue that raises $459,000 annually to pay for maintenance to the school building and equipment, building renovation projects and new equipment purchases.  The proposal for the fall ballot would renew the levy as a continuing issue.

  •  Around sixty ACWHCC students participated in a recent Community Service Day to benefit the Ashland County Park District.  Students trimmed, weeded, worked on fence, burned brush, gathered trash, and did other general clean-up duties at the Cooke Family Wildlife Conservation Park in Richland County.  This park is part of the Ashland County Park District and is located near the junction of Rts 13 & 96.  Students in four programs, Graphic Communications, Sports Medicine, Manufacturing Technology, and Criminal Justice, participated.  The Park District provided students with a lunch of grilled hotdogs and side dishes as thanks for their service.    ...

  • Aaron Rennie, a West Holmes senior in the Engineering and Design Technology (ENG) program at Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center, recently took first place honors in the State of Ohio in the SkillsUSA Electronics and Technology contest.  This is the second year in a row for the ENG senior to collect this honor.  Rennie qualifies to compete in the national SkillsUSA contest to be held this summer. 

    Three other ACWHCC students competed in other State SkillsUSA contests and received notable state-level awards:  Sam Baird, a West Holmes senior in Construction Technology, placed second in Carpentry;  Kailyn Ritenour, a Mapleton junior in the Graphic Communications program, placed second in the Graphic Communications contest; Glenn Rausch, an Ashland senior in Networking and...

  • Engineering and Design Technology seniors presented their final Capstone projects recently.  Most of the students strived to create a product which could be marketed.  Projects ranged from a hover tank (of interest to the military?) to a combination skateboard wrench/spinner to some new video games.  The program's 3-D printer and CAD drawing program were well utilized as students turned ideas into reality.  Projects were judged by a panel of community members who work in the engineering field.  Photo:  An ENG senior explains his project, " An Adjustable Engine Run Stand," to Supt. Mike Parry.  More project photos can be found on the district's FaceBook page.  

  • STEM camp coordinator Jim Cox is visiting local middle schools as he promotes this summer's science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) 3 day camp at ACWHCC, July 18 - 20.  The day camp is taking applications until June 1st from students going into 7th and 8th grades.  7th graders will participate in a traditional STEM camp while 8th graders may sign up for the VEX robotics camp or the traditional camp.  Space is limited to 40 7th graders at a cost of $25 each and 25 8th gtraders at $40 each for the robotics camp.  This is a great opportunity for students to explore science with fun experiments while meeting other students with similar interests.  Middle school guidance departments have application forms and information.  The camp is held at Ashland County-West...

  • Bonnie Granneman joined 13 others who achieved the honor of the Adult Education 2016-2017 Winter Director's List at the Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center.

    Dental Assisting students honored are: Courtney Braun, Keri Mosley, Airel Gladen, and Lexi Mosher

    Maintenance Training students honored are: Joel DIngus, Barry Frasure, Eric Strouse, and Thomas Williams

    Business Office Technologies students honored are: Kaylee Kohler, Janeen McCurry, and Bonnie Granneman

    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration students honored are: Donald Ball, Andrew Hawk, and Abraham Shepherd

    Welding Technology sutdent honored is: Danile McClure

    2016-17 Fall Director's List includes:

    Business Office Technolgies students honored are:  Kaylee...

  •  Cameron Argo, Ashland High School and Dakota Baker, Mapleton High School, were named Career Center Students of the Month for April.

    Argo, in the Career Center’s Culinary Careers program, was named the Junior Student of the Month.  He is the son of JC and Stephanie Argo and resides in Ashland.

    Baker, in the Career Center’s Sports Science program, was named the Senior Student of the Month.  She is the daughter of Pat Baker and resides in Ashland.

    Both students and their families will be invited to the regular meeting of the Career Center’s Board of Education on April 20, 2017, where each will be presented with a certificate and pin in recognition of this honor. 

  • Spring is here and it's senior project time.  Judges from the community rated student oral presentations on appearance, eye contact, content, etc.  Students also were required to produce a paper on their subject.   This student in Graphics Communication put together a project on "beautiful things" requiring her to interview and video students in other schools and then use her video and audio editing skills to create her delightful final product.  

  • The 2016-2017 Winter Director's List acknowledges adult students who have attained a 90 percent average in attendance and academic achievements.

    Dental Assisting- Courtney Braun and Keri Mosley of Nova; Airel Gladen, Autumn Olar, Shantwionette Smith and Haleigh Trubachik of Mansfield; Lexi Mosher of Ashland

    Maintenance Training- Joel Dingus of Loudonville; Barry Frasure of Willard; Eric Strouse and Thomas Williams of Glenmont

    Business Office Technologies-: Kaylee Kohler and Janeen McCurry of Ashland; Bonnie

    Granneman of New London

    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration- Donald Ball and Andrew Hawk of Mansfield; Abraham Shepherd of Plymouth


  • The following Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center students achieved honor roll status with all A’s for the third nine-week grading periods of the 2016-2017 school year.


    Saige Parks (West Holmes)


    Autumn Breslin (Ashland)

    Mason Brownstein (Hillsdale)

    Felicity Etzwiler (West Holmes)

    Casey Freeman (Triway)

    Mikaylah Jones (Ashland)

    Aaron Laing-Smetanko (Loudonville)

    Cadence Metcalf Seffens (Loudonville)

    Daisy Rausch (Ashland)

    Wylynn Skelly (Loudonville)

  • Tina Cooperrider, local acupuncturist who studied acupuncture in China, visited the Sports Science program to introduce the needle treatment to the classes.  Cooperrider talked about the advantages of the ancient Chinese treatment, the types of health issues where it has been proven effective, and answered questions.  Students and instructor Tim Kernan were willing participants in her demonstrations.  Cooperrider has offices in Mansfield and Loudonville.  

  • The following Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center students achieved Perfect Attendance for the third 9-week grading period of the 2016-2017 school year.

    Billy Ball (Ashland)

    Jacob Farley (Black River)

    Riley Finley (Ashland)

    Jackson Gatliff (Ashland)

    Alexander Gray (Ashland)

    Hannah Grissinger (Ashland)

    Noah Murphy (Ashland)

    Destani Pegues (Ashland)

    Forrest Pratt (Mapleton)

    Luke Purdy (Ashland)

    Hannah Yerian (Hillsdale)




  • Sarah Pryor received the Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center Adult Education Alumni
    f the Year Award in 2016.  Now it's time to be thinking about who should receive the award for 2017!
    Do you know a past graduate of ACWHCC Adult Education who has excelled in their career?  If so, consider nominating them for this award!  
    Send your nomination, including a short summary stating what you think qualifies them to be the award winner to Adult Education Director, Melisa Carr, at:
  • Students in the Career Based Intervention program dressed the part as they participated in mock interviews recently.  Several community leaders brought their expertise to ACWHCC as they helped CBI students sharpen their skills in preparation for job hunting.  

  • Every few weeks Early Childhood Education's preschool is visited by the Ashland Public Library Bookmobile and preschoolers are given the opportunity to choose some books for classtime reading.  Some books are read aloud to the entire preschool classes but some are set aside for quiet, comfy, one-on-one reading time.  When all books have been read, they are returned to the bookmobile and reading time is refreshed with a new selection of reading material.  

  • Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center’s Construction Technology program has again chosen Ashland County’s “Bookcase for Every Child” as a community service project.  In an effort to encourage reading and improve literacy, local volunteers annually provide select children with a variety of books and a custom made bookcase.  In the last three weeks, Construction Technology students took time out from their house construction project to complete forty hand-made bookcases which will be customized with the children’s name plates before being presented.  Photo:  Junior CT students show some attitude with their wall of bookcases.  

  • A team of culinary students from Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center (ACWHCC) took second place among eight teams in the 2017 Culinary Affair with Pork Cook-Off at Wayne Schools Career Center on Feb. 8th.  Culinary Careers Management students Gabrielle Frazee, Senior, Mapleton, and Makayla Keene, Junior, Ashland, collected prize money of $250 along with a $5,000 Sullivan University scholarship.  

  •  The Ashland County project  "A Bookcase for Every Child." aims to provide a hand constructed bookcase and a supply of books for children in the community and Construction Tech students have once again volunteered to provide some of the quality bookcases.  The project gives students a chance to learn  furniture crafting and finishing techniques along with the precision of assembly-lne production.   CT students are already more than half-way to their goal of fifty completed bookcases.  

  • A ponytail won't keep a student out of Auto Technology.  Girls are welcome to learn automotive basics with the guys in AT and you'll find girls working right alongside the boys in the AT lab.  Way to go, ladies!  

  • The Ohio Department of Education has reviewed the Early Childhood Education Preschool program at ACWHCC and given it an "Excellent" rating, noting the program is in "full compliance" with department rules and regulations.  Parents can feel confident their preschoolers are in a quality program at ACWHCC.  Congrats!

  • When a child in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) preschool program was diagnosed with a very serious illness, ECE students and staff rose to the occasion to help the family that has been hit hard by medical and related travel expenses.  Donations overflowed a long table and ranged from food to paper products to diapers for the family's new baby.  Cash donations were also accepted to help with the family's expenses.  Thanks to all who donated.

  • Area construction companies are aware of the quality of  ACWHCC's Construction Technology (CT) program and are tapping into the CT students who will soon be entering the workforce.  Companies such as Kokosing, Adena, Simonson, etc. are making mid-winter visits to ACWHCC to interview CT students for summer and permanent jobs.  Photo:  Dan Moore of Simonson Construction Co. conducts an interview with a promising CT student.  

  • The Cosmetology program recently hosted a local stylist, Sabrina Valentine, the owner of Affinity Hair Studio in Ashland.  Valentine spent one morning demonstrating the "stack" cut to juniors and seniors in the program, giving special hints and tips for a successful cut.   Valentine completed ACWHCC's Cosmetology program in 1991and currently employs an ACWHCC senior as an intern. 

  • Students in the Engineering and Design Technology program are putting their knowledge and skills to work as they design cars that operate on "mousetrap power."  In this photo, they are tinkering with the orange truck which was created via 3D printer technology and is powered by a mousetrap.  

  • Cosmetology students from Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center (ACWHCC) had a banner day on Nov. 21st as they participated in the National Association of Beauticians annual State Beauty School Student Competition in Columbus.  Five ACWHCC seniors walked away with five first place awards in the contest which showcased talents of high school students from around the state.  Liz Henley, Loudonville, was awarded first place in the Mohawk Avante Mannequin Garde category while the four person Career Center team was named the first place overall team.   Elyse Kulka, Ashland, was the model for the team while Makayla Roush, West Holmes, received the first place Hair award, Lilly French, Mapleton, placed first in Nails, and Ashley Pay, Mapleton, was the first place winner in...

  • ACWHCC students introduced groups of area sophomores to career-technical education on Dec. 6th and 7th as part of the district's outreach to advance the importance and value of career-tech careers.  Visiting students each chose three program areas of particular interest and spent time in each, getting hands-on introduction to the programs and what they do.  The visitation will wrap up on Thursday evening with a chance for sophomores to bring their parents to visit the programs of most interest to them.  

  • A dozen guidance counselors and administrators from Ashland, Hillsdale, Loudonville-Perrysville, Mapleton, and West Holmes school districts spent the morning of Nov. 16th at Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center (ACWHCC) in response to a “Counselor’s Day” invitation issued by the Career Center.  Said Career Center Superintendent Mike Parry, “As we considered the updates being made to our career-technical programs, we looked for a way to keep our constituents informed.  We work closely with counselors and administrators in our home schools and we settled on a Counselors’ Day as a means to communicate with them, bringing them here to give them a personal understanding of what our programs are about and what our students are doing.” 

    At the opening convocation, Parry...

  •  Resource Conservation students and students in Environmental Science classes spent an afternoon at the Mohican River electrofishing with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Several fish species were collected and identified as part of a biodiversity unit.

  • For the past several years, career-technical students at Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center have had an open line to the superintendent’s office via the Superintendent’s Advisory Council. The Council was formed under former Superintendent Mike McDaniel to do just that – to establish a way for students to have direct input into decisions that impact them. In the past, council input has helped resolve everyday issues like improving cafeteria food and service and most recently they advocated for formation of a school choir that gave its first official performance at last May’s Senior Recognition Day assembly.

    The decision to continue the committee was not a difficult one for ACWHCC’s new superintendent Mike Parry. “Listening to the voice of the customer is essential for...

  • Adult Education's Medical Assisting program made a presentation at the annual Superintendent's Senior Citizen luncheon.  Information was shared about the accredited program and the careers to be gained by successfully completing the hours needed to obtain certification.   

  • Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center instructors John Staats and David McMillen recently spent three days at a JLG workshop in Pennsylvania, a hands-on experience which followed four weeks of online classes.  Staats and McMillen teach the Construction Technology (main campus) and Building Trades (West Holmes High School campus) programs respectively.  The JLG Manufacturing Company, an Oshkosh Corporation company, manufactures various types of aerial platforms and telehandler equipment .  Both Staats and McMillen had the opportunity to learn to operate a variety of JLG equipment and are now qualified to give JLG equipment certifications to students in their programs who meet the requirements.   ...

  • The Construction Technology and Building Trades programs recently hosted their second annual "Equipment Day" complete with lunch in the Construction Technology lab.  In attendance were several local construction companies and suppliers along with interested area legislators.  Various pieces of equipment that were loaned to the school to enable students in these programs to learn operating procedures, practice operation, and gain certifications in those areas.  ...

  • The Air National Guard Unit at Mansfield Lahm Airport recently hosted ACWHCC's Criminal Justice students for an informative field day.  Military personnel demonstrated various pieces of survival equipment, assorted firearms, and air and land transportation along with providing information about military security duties.  

  • Ashland University's Science Dept. played host to students in the Sports Science program recently.  Dr. Merrill Tawes gave ACWHC students an up close and personal visit with the department's four cadavers.  Students had the opportunity to do some elementary dissecting with guidance from Tawes and handle real human organs after they successfully completed the "put-the-bones-in-the-correct-order" game.  It was a fantastic learning experience and ACWHCC thanks AU for opening the cadaver lab to these students!   ...

  • Local business, Custom Hoists of Hayesville, celebrated Manufacturing Day on Friday, Oct. 7th, as the company welcomed students from the Engineering and Design Technology and Manufacturing Technology programs at Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center.  Both programs were given an overview of the business, its market, and its product via a power point presentation by Alan Nastasi, Chief Engineer, and John Wentworth, Application/Service Engineer. 

    Vice President of Operations, Ben Humrichouser, and Design Engineer, A.J. Leon led students through the factory as they pointed out the up-to-date, technical equipment required to produce quality telescopic and single stage hydraulic cylinders.   Students were able to see practical applications of the equipment installed in...

  • The Building Trades program at West Holmes High School has been at work on the house they're building, taking advantage of the good weather. Wiring was the order of the day last week.  Seniors are pictured here. Click on the story for more pics. ...

  • Students in the MFG program took the floor to demonstrate the new up-to-date equipment in the Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing Technology Education Collaborative (RAMTEC) lab at the official invitation-only open house to dedicate the facility.  State and local officials were in attendance and interacted with the students.  

  • With just four short years until high school graduation, eighth graders from area middle schools visited ACWHCC last week as they begin to think about their future.  ACWHCC students led the middle-schoolers on a tour of the school and the visitors spent some time in each program to find out exactly what ACWHCC students do as they prepare for careers.  Students in the photo are hearing about the Veterinary/Animal Science Technology program which will be launched in the fall of 2017.  

  • A group of senior citizens from Ashland's Brethren Care facility visited the preschool program at ACWHCC recently.  The group included one retired Early Childhood Education program teacher who spent sixteen years teaching at ACWHCC.  The seniors engaged in crafts with the children and later were entertained by their songs.  

  • The Adult Education Maintenance Training students completed their program this week.  
    Two of those students received certification in Stainless Steel TIG Welding.  What a great accomplishment!  
    Other certifications the class received includes: MIG, stick, Steel TIG, Depco CNC Machine, and OSHA.
    YOU could earn these same certifications and head off to a new career!  Give us a call to learn more about your options.
    Check out our next class date.
  • Students in Adult Education's Medical Assisting program practiced taking blood pressures and pulses prior to the annual Superintendent's Senior Citizen's luncheon.  Thanks to the seniors attending from around the area who were more than happy to "lend an arm" for the good of students in the program.  

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